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Ready Roofing offers friendly, informative, and helpful advice for new roofing, re-roofing and roof replacement. Our experienced, qualified contractors works with leading building companies and individual homeowners throughout the Bay Of Plenty Region.

Building a new house?

Provide us with your building plans and we are more than happy to give you a non-obligation quote.

Our licensed, qualified contractors provide you with a quote and advise which material is best suited for your new home and climate.


Give us a call for a non-obligation consultation and quote. We’ll ensure you get all your options up front, so you get the best solution for your home.

Re-roofing your home will not only improve the appearance of your home, but also protect it while adding value.

Need Asbestos Removal?

We draw on experienced, specialist asbestos testers and removers and can manage this process for you.

Get the best of

both worlds

At Ready Roofing we’re meticulous about workmanship and quality materials. If you’re looking for the best products and a beautiful finish, you’ve come to the right team.

A lot goes into building a quality new roof, which is why it’s important to choose carefully. We’re not the cheapest new roof and re roofing company – but there’s a reason for that!

Learn what you can expect as a Ready Roofing Client by clicking on each of the features and benefits below. 

Not all roofing materials are created equal. Be sure to get the right product for your environment. Tested to NZ standards, we only work with materials that are:

  1. Proven to perform in NZ conditions
  2. Built to last with comprehensive warranties
  3. Sourced from reputable suppliers that honour warranties

Beware of using cheaper, inferior materials. What remedies are available if a defect occurs? How do you really know what they’re made of?

  • 5 Years Workmanship Warranty
  • 15 – 25 Year Warranty for Most Products 
  • Warranty Checks completed for your specific address

Choosing the right product for your climate, pitch and profile is essential to ensure you meet manufacturers requirements. We perform a ‘warranty check’ prior to making recommendations. We key your address into our system which tells us the type of product required for your location. This ensures your warranty holds up if there are any issues further down the track, as the product selected was fit for purpose. What’s more, because we are Licenced Building Practitioners all of this is documented and included in your Record of Works (Producer Statement) if needed.

At a minimum, most of our products come with a 15 year peel and fade (paint) and corrosion warranty. But for higher specced products, warranties can be as high as 25 years.

As licenced building practitioners we can provide a Record Of Works on both new and re-roofed homes.

Although there is no requirement to provide a Record of Works on ‘re-roofs’, for peace-of-mind it’s good to have. That way you know your roofer has complied with the Building Act, and met the standards required.

Everything is taken into account when we supply your new roof, including rubbish removal and scaffolding.  If you require additional work e.g. garage re-roofed, we’ll let you know what these costs are.

It’s really important to us that you enjoy your experience with Ready Roofing. Good communication is an important part of that experience. As our client you can expect full and transparent information around timelines including when scaffolding will be put up, when we’ll start and when we expect to be finished.

We’ll never leave your house unsecure, and so we only take off as much roof as we know we will complete that day. We are fully insured, so you don’t need to take out contractor insurance.

We follow a detailed sign-off procedures, undertaking stringent checks before signing off on completion forms. 

We offer an additional service of Drone Photography, offering before and after photos. Once your roof is completed, you have the option to call in a drone photographer. Please note that there is an additional cost for this service. 

Who you choose for your roofing is an important decision so to avoid costly repairs and re-roofs. Here are just some of the issues you may encounter if you choose the wrong roofer.

  1. Not having the backing of the supplier
  2. Product used not fit for purpose e.g. cheap imported material
  3. Faded colours in a short amount of time
  4. Corrosion in a short amount of time
  5. Defects in the product like paint distortion, inconsistent shape in the rolled iron e.g. a ripple effect
  6. Poor cutting of sheets with silicon used to fill gaps
  7. Screws not aligned
  8. Sheets dented
  9. Sheets not laid straight
  10. Metal filings left on the roof which leads to rust
  11. No diverters on flashing to push the water away from the weak point in the flashing
  12. Guttering not hung right – has the wrong amount of fall or is going the wrong way
  13. Downpipes not hung straight
  14. Downpipes not aligned cladding on the wall
  15. Colours inconsistent (we have seen roofs where different shades were used!)

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